Show Schedule

Please come see us in action - Live and in person!

2016 was a busy, busy year, we covered a lot of new ground! If you missed us at the usual shows, no worries. We're shipping work all over the country. Just contact us and you can still get what you need! If you want to suggest events that you think we should be doing, please let us know!


Last full weekend every month
unless otherwise noted below
Treasure Island Flea
San Francisco, CA
Sept 22-24
The Candy Dance
Genoa, NV
Sept 30-31
Treasure Island Flea
San Francisco, CA
Oct 6-8
Harvest Festival
Ventura, CA
Oct 13-15
Harvest Festival
Del Mar, CA
Oct 27-29
Harvest Festival
Pleasanton, CA
Nov 3-5
Sacramento Fine Arts Festival
Sacramento, CA
Nov 10-12
Harvest Festival
San Mateo, CA
Nov 17-19
Jackalope Arts & Craft Festival
Pasadena, CA
Nov 25-26
West Coast Artist Fine Arts festival
Palm Springs, CA